PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System)

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System)


Fairview staff work together to implement PBIS for all students. This program explicitly sets behavioral expectations for students, primarly within the public spaces in our building including the cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms, and playground.


Compliments and Falcon Feathers: Students and entire classes are provided with whole class compliments to earn Falcon Feathers. With these feathers the class can earn chosen incentives such as additional recess, pajama reading, etc


Falcon Tickets: Individual students earn Falcon Tickets when they are “caught” demonstrating positive citizenship and learning within the school day. Tickets are drawn in each class on Fridays to win special Falcon pencils and quarterly within the entire school for a chance to attend Club Falcon—games and treats.


Soaring Falcon and Popsicles with the Principals: Students each have an opportunity to be awarded a Soaring Falcon certificate from their teacher for demonstrating exemplary learning and/or citizenship skills. Each student who has earned a Soaring Falcon for the week will be invited to participate in Popsicles with the Principals on Friday afternoon.


Every one of us, at some point or other, makes inappropriate choices and engages in inappropriate behavior. Our purpose at Fairview is to promote learning from our mistakes.

Think Sheets - Think Sheets are opportunities for students to reflect on and learn from a poor choice they may have made. Think Sheets ARE NOT supposed to be viewed as a consequence, but rather a learning opportunity. It can also be a communication tool between student, teacher, and parents. There are times when consequences are deemed necessary, but the Think Sheet is a reflective tool.