Birthdays and Treat Policy

Celebrating one’s birthday with classmates at school has been an age old tradition for many. At Fairview we recognize the importance of birthday celebrations while respecting family differences regarding birthday celebrations, promoting the importance of healthy nutrition, and being mindful of students with life-threatening food allergies. Parents should please use the following guidelines when providing birthday treats for classmates:


Each student may bring a treat to share with ALL classmates in celebration of his/her birthday once during the school year


Treats MUST be store bought with ingredients labeled. No home baked goods will be permitted to be shared with other students. Please, no products containing nuts.


Treats should be single small sized servings - please no colossal donuts or giant cupcakes.


All treats will be shared at lunch time in the cafeteria.


Parents should inform the classroom teacher at least 1 day in advance that their child will be bringing treats to share.


Some classrooms may have additional treat guidelines based on specific food allergies of classmates. Please note and abide by these additional class policies.